Bourse sportive tennis aux Etats-Unis

Study in the USA with an athletic scholarship?


American university life symbolizes a place of personal, social and cultural development of exception, to continue his studies in mastering the English language while representing his university sports team.

intégrer une université américaine en tennis

Our partner, Athletics Partner is a French company based in Montpellier.

It works with more than 500 universities that provide quality education in more than 100 different fields of study and award degrees (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree) recognized worldwide.

Tennis is a very popular sport among student athletes, whether men or women. Nearly 1000 Colleges or Universities offer sports scholarships to 100% for players or tennis players worldwide. These athletes represent the university in which they are enrolled and participate in regional championships, inter-regional with the opportunity to qualify for the national championships in their respective divisions.

Through it, our players have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship that can cover part or all of the tuition, housing, food, workouts and sports and travel expenses facilities at international competitions academics.


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Our alumni to the USA (promotional 2005-2012)

  • Marc Abdelnour (-15, 900 ATP) integrated Florida Atlantic University.
  • intégrer la NCAA à l'aide d'une bourse sportiveAlexandre Lacroix (-15) integrated University of Florida.
  • Bruno Abdelnour (-4/6) integrated l’University of Illinois.
  • Adrien Rossignon (-2/6) integrated Campbell University.
  • Arthur Surreaux (-2/6) integrated New Mexico State University.
  • Manon Sylvain (-2/6) integrated New Mexico State University.
  • Olfa Dahoui (-2/6) integrated Oklahoma Christian University.
  • Sofiane Chevalier (1/6) integrated Georgia State University.
  • Zine Jouini (1/6) integrated Auburn University Mongomery.
  • Audrey Leitz (1/6) integrated Taylor Junior College.
  • Antoine Pourin (2/6) integrated Lindsey Wilson College.
  • bourse sportive en tennis aux USAAglaë Van Den Berth (2/6) integrated Hawai’i Pacific University.
  • Nicolas Rufyikiri (2/6) integrated University of New Orleans.
  • Samy Mouline (3/6) integrated Univesity of Tampa.
  • Oliver Stone Intwari (3/6) integrated Lewis-Clake State College.
  • Sebastien Felt (4/6) integrated Georgia Southern University.
  • Sebastien Leitz (5/6) integrated Taylor Junior College.
  • Clara Smith (15) integrated University of New York.