Schooling (Education)

“Young sportspeople cannot go to school, so the school has to come to them.”

Potential champions cannot follow a traditional schooling route.

Lessons are held throughout the year, for 32 weeks, 2-4 hours a day.
The young sportspeople’s day to day rhythm is respected. They are supported by a team of professionals allowing them to calmly pursue their studies and not regard or experience them as an additional burden or worry.

The CNED (National Centre for Distance Learning, a national education establishment) corrects pupils’ homework and assesses their level. They can prepare for all exams [Brevet des Collèges (≈ GCSEs), Baccalauréat (≈ A Levels), Brevet Enseignement Professionnel (professional teachers’ certificate), Tronc Commun au Brevet d’Etat d’Educateur Sportif (common core syllabus for the State sports educator diploma), etc.

Option 1 : Complete schooling program

This model is aimed at children who wish to follow a full education program through private lessons or small group classes (groups of around 6 pupils).

In the classrooms situated on-site at the Hauts de Nîmes Academy.

3 – 4 hours schooling including an obligatory minimum of 1 ½ hours taught lessons per day.

A completely personalized timetable for each future champion.
Pupils are taught to organize their time and working methods.

An evaluation meeting is held every trimester to analyze each pupil’s academic progress, with a report sent to their family.

Small group program:


  • Groups of 6 – 10 pupils
  • 12 hours of teaching per week
  • Following the National Education program subject by subject
  • Individual evaluations several times a year with the teacher responsible for each pupil

Teacher-led study:

  • Compulsory 6 hours per week
  • Group of around 10 pupils

Option 2 : Private lessons program


  • One teacher per pupil
  • Possibility of deducting 50% of taxes paid (art. 199 sexdecies of the CGI – General Tax Code)

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