The High Level Team: Players and players Optimists, Bold, Workers and Solidarity.

Our mission

Accompany life projects and sports projects oriented towards the High Level.

Regardless of the player’s project, our goal is to build an environment conducive to his progress, education, training and self-fulfillment.

Therefore, the program of each player of the High Level Team (schooling, training, tournaments, trips …) is 100% personalized according to his / her needs, age, sex, level or any other criterion Of importance to him or her.

Composition of the TEAM HIGH LEVEL (under the responsibility of Cédric Nouvel and the coaches of our Academy)

The High Level Team is composed of the best elements of the HDN Academy who are between 12 and 18 years old. These young players and players are in Training for the Junior or Professional International Circuit.

You are interested by the High Level Team ?

Make an appointment with Cédric Nouvel via our page contact Tennis Studies

You will evoke together your Objectives, your Aspirations … to determine your Project !

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