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High level Team – Schooling

The High Level Team: optimistic, audacious, hardworking and united players.

Our mission:

To support all the life and sports projects to the achievement of high-level performance.

Whatever player’s project is, our aim is to build the favorable environment for their progress, education, professional training and personal development.

That is the reason why each High Level Team player’s program (school, trainings, tournaments, travel…) is totally individualized based on the needs, age, sex, tennis level, or any other specification that could be important for each one.

High Level Team Composition:

High Level Team is made up of the Pro Team, the Elite Team and the Junior Team.

Pro Team

This team is made up of professional players or players who tend to be professional.
Each player of the Pro Team uses personalized accompaniment according to their situation.

Today, Fabrice Martin (n°29 French player, 250 ATP), Marc Abdelnour (-15, French ranking), Valentin Nourissat (-2/6, French ranking), Jordan Ubiergo (0, French ranking) and Valentin Deleu (2/6, French ranking) constitute the Pro Team.

Elite Team

The Elite Team is made up of men players who are between 15 and 18 years old and women players who are between 16 and 18 years old.
All are training to go in the professional tour.

Today, Kevin Rivière (0, French ranking and 276 ITF), Megan Mc Greevy (N°1 Junior Irish), Margot Crémond (0, French ranking, 851 ITF), Jean-Laurent Pageault (1301 ITF), Enzo Wallart (4/6, French ranking) constitute the Elite Team.

Junior Team

The Junior Team is made up of the best young players of the Academy who are between 11 and 14 years old. All these players are trained to go to international junior tournament circuits.

Today, Alexandrina Chinikova (4/6, French ranking, n°3 of Bulgaria), Manon Echenard (15, French ranking, winner of the OUATT), Eléonore Clerc (15/2), Mathis Pita (15/5) and Yohan Griot (15/5) constitute the Junior Team.

You want to integrate the High Level Team ?

Make an appointment with Cédric Nouvel.
Together, you will speak about your objectives, your aspirations… in order to determine your project.


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