Detection, detection, detection…

To find a rare talent … the tennisman or tenniswoman who will make vibrate your coach’s heart …

The detection must be continuous and must exist in all sports. The tennis federations already make a really good job but, I think, we can complete their actions.

That’s why I have created the « Champion’s dreams Association » in 2010. This Association’s objective is to organize several testing days during the year, everywhere in France, to be able to detect one or two young girls who dream to become tennis champion. These days are open to every girl who is between 7 and 10 years old, even if she has never played tennis before. This last possibility is really new in tennis detection !

Thus, during the detection days, we evaluate, for each girl : her tennis aptitudes, her physical aptitudes and her comportemental aptitudes (Does she want to win whatever the conditions are ? Is she a leader during collective sports ? …).

Then, if we find one (or more) talented girl, we help her. That means that we build a tennis and school project that will allow her to become a tennis champion. In accord with the girl’s family, we provide, too, a financial support to enable the project to be lead.

This detection operation is opened to every nationality !

You are interested in the detection days ? You would like to participate ?

Contact me by e-mail ( or tel me on the +33615388349.

Cédric Nouvel


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