Want to become Tennis COACH?

Pré-formation au DEJEPS

Pré-formation au DEJEPS

This way is yours if you want to:

  • Transmitting your passion
  • Share knowledge
  • Insulating values
  • Participate fully at the development of players and bring them to the Highest Level

Each year, we propose a pre-training to the selection tests of the D.E.J.E.P.S (tennis instructor)


This pre-training allows, among other things, to achieve 3 objectives:

  • Obtaining a minimum classification to 15/2 to qualify for selection tests.

  • Experience of high level training and education at all levels

  • A specific and personalized preparation for the selection tests

The candidate will be placed in the best conditions, armed with precise knowledge and a rich teaching experience to apprehend his training.

The content of pre-training

  • 20 hours minimum of intensive training (tennis, physical and mental) to climb to 15/2 or improve its classification
  • Training Arbitration and Judge Arbitration
  • Accompaniment in obtaining the Certificate of Professional Qualification Assistant Tennis Instructor (CQP AMT) compulsory (Training provided by the Departmental Committee of Gard).
  • Accompaniment in obtaining the PSC1 (Prevention and Civil Relief level 1) compulsory
  • Pedagogical training on the ground supervised by a graduate coach
  • Putting in practice with supervision in the Tennis School on Wednesday and Saturday to develop the pedagogical experience
  • Specific preparation for the selection tests – Written and oral test (white oral). 60 hours completely oriented towards the success of the selection tests

A first experience as a Tennis Coach

In order to acquire a first teaching experience, you will have the opportunity to participate in the running of the Galaxy Tennis (mini tennis, initiation and improvement).

To allow you to understand all the facets of a Club’s functioning, weekly meetings are organized: advice, educational programs, etc.


  • Accompaniment in competition by a coach of the HDN Academy (analysis of match, debriefing …. )

  • 2 hours of English lessons per week

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